Notes for Windows Users#

For users trying out the command line tools under Windows, there are some important differences.


On Windows, the dylan-compiler executable is called dylan-compiler-with-tools.exe.

The IDE is win32-environment.exe.

Both are located in C:\Program Files\Open Dylan\bin\ on a 32 bit Windows version. On 64 bit Windows, they can be found within C:\Program Files (x86)\Open Dylan\bin\.

Build Products Location#

Instead of placing build products within a _build directory, they are stored in a single, shared location by default:


The APPDATA environment variable defaults to C:\Users\<you>\AppData\Roaming\.

This can be modified by setting the OPEN_DYLAN_USER_ROOT environment variable.

Setting Environment Variables#

Environment variables are managed differently on Windows. For modifying environment variables permanently, see this guide.

For modifying an environment variable from the command line, use this syntax:

set variable=value