Development inside of Emacs using DIME#

We have implemented a Dylan backend for DIME using the Open Dylan environment-protocols API to ease development of Dylan code on UNIX. At present, cross references, locating definitions, retrieving argument lists, compiling, warning reports and a class browser are implemented.


When successfully installed, just run M-x dime to get a shell. This is the same as the dylan-compiler shell, you can also use the same commands.

When you program and hit ( or , or (space), you get the argument list of the method you are calling.

M-x dime-dylan-browse-superclasses will show the superclass hierarchy of the current class. M-x dime-dylan-browse-subclasses displays the subclass hierarchy.

Keyboard shortcut


M-x dime

start dime

, change-project

select project (in the repl buffer)


jump to definition


jump backwards

C-c C-k

compile project

C-c C-w C-a

who specializes?

C-c C-w C-r

who references?

C-c C-w C-b

who binds?

C-c C-w C-c

who calls?

Dswank uses the Open Dylan project registry, so make sure OPEN_DYLAN_USER_REGISTRIES is set properly before starting Emacs.

DIME is a fork of SLIME.


You need the following pieces:

  • dylan-mode, and extend your ~/.emacs as documented in the README

  • dswank itself is shipped with the 2011.1 release